ECHO - Eastern Colorado Hunting Opportunities

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About E.C.H.O.

ECHO features a host of amenities to make your next trip afield enjoyable and successful.

I am Mike Hatfield, welcome to ECHO!

For many years we listened as the hunters who visited our farms told us how lucky we were to live here and how they wished they could get out more. But family, business concerns, and the short hunting seasons prevented them from taking their families, not to mention their dogs, hunting more often.

So, we decided to give hunters a place to hunt, extend the season and provide the space, birds and facilities necessary to train the new hunters and dogs. The only way we were willing to do this was with an emphasis on quality. At ECHO, you'll find that we've accomplished this task. At ECHO, you'll find a place where memories are created that last a lifetime.

If you love to hunt game birds, are tired of the short season and the hassles of hunting in our modern world, then come out and visit us, and see first hand what ECHO has to offer. If you're a good hunter, then to us you're good people and we'd love to have you as a member.


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